Welcome to Terra Solida Plant

Terra Solida Plant (Pty) Ltd started in 2011 and has since then earned a solid reputation as a market leader in the highly competitive Used Earthmoving market. We hire out Earthmoving equipment country wide and we are partnered with Catkom Rebuild Centre who rebuilds the complete power train (components), therefore we are able to have components on backup to ensure minimum downtime. 

Water Trucks

The primary use for a water tanker is to control and suppress dust on construction, quarry and mining sites.


Bulldozers are used in many different arenas that need mobile, powerful, and stable earth moving equipment.

Excavators - Terra Solida Plant

To excavate is to dig; and that is exactly what excavators do – very efficiently!

TLB’s (Tractor, Loader, Backhoe) - Terra Solida Plant

TLB’s (Tractor, Loader, Backhoe) are extremely versatile machines that can dig as well as load.

Make The Right Decision When Hiring Heavy Earth Moving Equipment!

Investing In Machinery Is Expensive – Especially When:
  • it’s only used once
  • it’s the wrong piece of equipment for the job, or
  • your driver doesn’t know how to get it done effectively, efficiently and expertly.
Ask Yourself:
  • Is it worth investing money in a second hand machine or a new one?
  • What will you be able to use the machine for once this job is completed?
  • Do you have the time and money to deal with breakages on the bought machine?
  • Have you had enough seat time to really make the purchase worth it?
  • Are you in a hurry to move a lot of earth?